There is a lot going on in the world at any given time, there really is, despite our ordinary lives often taking on an odour of repetitiveness. Opening newspapers, books, the internet or switching on the TV enables us to quickly an easily access what is happening in the rest of the world quickly and easily from our own couch, living room or, yes, backyard. In viewing this wide array of events and happenings each and every person interprets what they mean and how they effect our ordinary lives in a unique and personal way based on previous experiences, upbringing and location. This blog is my interpretation of different events from sport, to politics, to science, to history.

I am a thirty something from New Zealand, who has travelled a large part of the world and now lives in the country of busty blondes, long cold nights and endless summers that seem to end too soon. Sweden. I have lived several lives, written books and spoken with far too many people about far too many things for someone my age. I can make no claim on possessing subject knowledge in excess of most other people but I do hold strong opinions on most subjects which gives me the belief that I know more than I actually do!

Hope you enjoy!



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