‘Friends of Syria’ undermine Geneva II

"Friends of Syria" conference in Tunisia

The ‘friends of Syria’ at a press conference. They are yet to offer a solution for the crisis in Syria that is based on reality.

Despite the trumpeting over the destruction of chemical weapons temporarily distracting the world from the war in Syria, it  inevitably rumbles on. The killing of both soldiers and civilians continues unabated with many terrible war crimes still half hidden behind an all encompassing veil of death. The Syrian government’s willingness to compromise over their chemical weapons stash had led to hopes of further progress at the negotiating table that would lead to an end to the suffering and a solution to the conflict that still threatens to throw the region into another sea of fire. Following the clumsy, arrogant meeting of the so-called ‘friends of Syria‘ however, this hope has been ground like so many lives in this embattled country, into dust. Continue reading