Martinez to Man City?

Pellegrini is the media’s big favourite to take the City roll, but their are doubters within the club.

It seems that there will be some rather important clubs looking for managers at the end of this season with Chelsea, Man City, Everton from England all confirmed as manager less at this point in time in England; Inter Milan, Milan and Napoli in Italy all appearing to have managers whose positions are in some doubt; and Real Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga in Spain all having question marks over the men who will lead them next season. With this state of affairs it is not surprising that virtually every manager who has ever won anything is being link with not just one but several clubs across the continent.  Personally I cannot recall a time when so many of the continents biggest clubs have been searching for a manager at the same time. With these names flying around it is easy enough to throw wild speculation around and watch to see if anything comes of it. My contribution to this is an interesting piece of information I garnered from two of my sources (who unfortunately must remain anonymous as they have been sworn to secrecy on threat of legal action) inside Man City.

The Wigan manager has some staunch supporters amongst the City hierarchy.

Most of the media has been reporting that Manual Pellegrini has been basically confirmed as the next manager of Man City. The foundation of this was a meeting between Man City’s sporting director Txiki Begiristsin and Pellegrini in Spain a month or so ago. Whilst serving the purpose of undermining an already under fire Mancini further the meeting was indeed about Txiki putting out feelers in regards to Pellegrini’s situation. Pellegrini was however only one option for the Manchester club. Several other managers were looked at in this process as Sheikh Mansour and his advisors believed that Mancini did not communicate the type of image the club were after. They believed Mancini’s ‘combative style’ was at odds with the Sheik’s message while his style of football, built around power and a solid defence was not the beautiful spectacle that the owners expected when they splashed out the cash in the last few seasons. They therefore decided it was time to bring in someone a little more ‘refined’ who could offer an exciting ‘spectacle’ to the world. Although Pellegrini remains in the running for the job, officials at Man City worried that he may be more interested in Barcelona or Real Madrid. There are also concerns about his suitability for managing in England.

Always the wild card. Mourinho’s shadow continues to lurk over any large managerial position.

My sources tell me that Wigan manager Roberto Martinez is now amongst the favourites with the Man City hierarchy. Although he lacks experience in Europe, Martinez transmits ‘the type of image that City are going for’. He also promotes a style of football that City believes’ will show the club off in the best light’ globally. Wigan’s cup run and eventual win also cemented the belief within the club that he has what it takes to win major cup competitions such as the Champions League. Martinez himself has been determined to ensure news of this does not get out however, to ensure his players focus remains on the job of winning their last two games with Wigan. He has told City officials that he will not decide his future until his Wigan’s fate is decided.

Whoever takes over must combine results with more acceptable public image, something Mancini failed to do.

Aside from Pelligrini and Martinez, several other managers were either looked at or approached. Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp was seen as a potential replacement but all approaches were firmly rebutted; sensationally Jose Mourinho has also appeared in the picture after his snub by Manchester United. Chelsea remain firm favourites to sign him but there is a chance that City could steal in and claim him. Many within the club believe that his arrival would steal the thunder and vitally momentum from David Moyes at Manchester United and give City the boost they need to climb above their city rivals. Whatever the decision my sources inform me that they want someone in place ‘within a week’ of the seasons close to ensure a full offseason with the new manager.


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